CNMI Guide

Sport in the CNMI

Northern Mariana Islands, a paradise for sportsmen

The Northern Mariana Islands are a paradise for lovers of sports, especially outdoor sports, whether water or land. Of course, just walking and swimming are already very pleasant in the tranquil surroundings, but the CNMI has much more to offer, discover and practice.

Golf is a popular activity and can be practiced in different places, because the main island of Saipan has no fewer than 6 golf courses:

  • the Mariana Country Club
  • Saipan Country Club
  • the Laolao Bay Golf Resort
  • Rota Resort & Country Club
  • Kingfisher Golf Links
  • Coral Ocean Point Resort

Water activities are no exception. You can dive around Saipan to explore the caves of the Obyan range, the Grotto Tinian (named second best spot for diving in the Pacific) and the wreckage from World War II in the lagoon Tanapag or even the wreck of Shoan Maru, a Japanese ship. The fauna and flora of the waters of the Northern Mariana Islands is colourful and perfect for lovers of snorkelling and diving. If you are in Rota, do not miss a dive in Senhanon Cave. It is possible to pass certification in diving in Saipan, if you have not yet learned to dive. What better way than to do it in a heavenly environment?

Beach side, you can go windsurfing on different islands, but also take boat trips and other water activities: "banana boats" are a fun activity present in at least five clubs on the island, as are jet-skiing, parasailing, paddleboarding and kitesurfing.

If you like to explore the interior of the islands, then try mountain biking.  On the island of Saipan, it is possible to trek by mixing quad biking and walking. Finally, if you are looking for motor sports, know that there is a karting circuit at Mariana Resort.

If extreme endurance activities appeal, you can participate in Saipan Coffee Trail Run which takes place every year in January. There is also a marathon and a triathlon in Saipan and annual events throughout the CNMI.